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You should get that sofa reupholstered. Skeeter didn't want to break Presley's heart. Have any of you guys seen my car keys? I gave Val some milk and cookies.

Ramiro is dying in the hospital. The music started again. I'm sure my parents won't let me go by myself. It was raining so hard that we decided to stay home. Juan is a sexist. There is much more water in this lake now than in the past. I was blinded by the memory of an unforgettable night in Paris.

This is what I'm paying you for. Suwandi did a very stupid thing. Do you have anything to tell me? I don't want to be here when Lanny wakes up. The pianist is endowed with extraordinary talent. After much reflection, I decided not to accept the offer.

I might tell you the answers later, but try to figure them out on your own first. Ask me, so that I may love you and your brothers. Lucy is killed twice. While I was waiting for the streetcar, I witnessed a traffic accident. I hope everything is okay. Tuna has a bobblehead on his dashboard. How long does it take to get to the beach from here?

It is my belief, that communication is a human right. Are you knowing the girl who is over there? I'd love to talk to you. I can't stand people who always speak ill of others. Let me speak to them. It was rather funny.

You know that's a lie. We bought beautiful fruit at the market. A closed fist can indicate stress.

You're smart. I've started enjoying painting again lately. Jean-Pierre has been locked up for three years. He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted. How do you know Elsa didn't do what he was supposed to do?

I don't know what that is. Here's what I don't understand. You're too weak to do that. The fire burnt ten houses down. I don't remember saying anything. She visited the school, despite a pain in her right arm. This problem is easier than that.

Someone needs to tell Huashi what happened. OK, I'll stop worrying now. The train leaves at 2:30 p.m. It was such an interesting book that I read it in a day.

This is the first time I've ever bitten my tongue. That is one of the most hideous paintings I have ever seen. Why are there so many motorcycles in this city? Well, it's because they're cheaper than cars and there are more poor people than rich ones. "Whose sunglasses are these?" "They are Nabil's." Please don't drink from the bottle. I think what Wade did was very stupid. I get angry sometimes. Have you been waited on? Judging from his appearance, he must be a rich man. The storm is dangerous.

Nancy promised Vistlik that he'd be home by 5:30. Police dogs are trained to obey without hesitation. I was on my way to see you. The mail is delivered once a day. You should've come yesterday. Answer this question once more, please. Born in a rich family, he would have studied in England. Janos is always full of ideas. Take off your coat.